Dozens Injured At Snoop Dogg And Wiz Khalifa Show After Rail Collapse

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

Around 40 fans were injured at a Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa show in Camden, New Jersey on Friday night following the collapse of a front-row railing.


According to TMZ:

The rappers were performing in Camden, New Jersey ... you can see from the video fans were packed like sardines into the venue. The front rail gives out without warning, triggering a domino effect.

Several of those injured were taken to the hospital, and the show promptly ended.


Paula Patton wrote a very sweet note recalling her time with Robin Thicke, and that’s all well and good but more importantly LOOK AT THAT MANE. See how it flows! See that perfect middle part! Behold the beautiful curling hair, cascading like a waterfall upon several layered t-shirts!

This photo couldn’t be more ‘90s if it depicted a tongue ring wearing Airwalks.


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Got news for ya... that picture isn’t *so 90s* - that was solidly mid-aughties. My college boyfriend and I were obsessed with this video circa 2003: