Downton Abbey Incites Vintage Clothing Mania

Illustration for article titled emDownton Abbey/em Incites Vintage Clothing Mania

If you covet Lady Mary's jet bead necklaces or the Dowager Countess's jaunty chapeaux, you're not alone: A report claims that cigarette holders, feathered hats and fascinators are in demand, thanks to Downton Abbey. According to data gathered by, vintage clothing is hot right now, and:

The site recorded a year-over-year increase of 273 percent for April in searches for vintage frocks, a 136 percent rise in elbow-length gloves searches and a 190 percent uptick in searches for sequin headbands.


No word on whether Lady Sibyl's jaw-dropping genie pants are soon to be all the rage. (Gasp!)

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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To be fair, who doesn't love a jaunty chapeau? It's the lethargic chapeau you want to avoid.