I hate to crush any remaining illusions you might have about Downton Abbey. But those beautifully crafted costumes, which earned the show a couple of primetime Emmy nominations? Turns out they reek. Like, they literally stink. Pew-wee, they are gross.

Just goes to show you can't judge a book by Lady Mary's eyebrows, huh?

That's according to Sophie McShera, anyway, who plays the kitchen maid Daisy. She informed the Daily Mail:

To ensure her outfit looks authentic for the period, there is a 'no wash' policy and, as a result, there can be a rather distinctive pong on set.

'We do stink, as they don't wash our costumes,' admits Sophie. 'They have these weird patches, which are sewn into the armpits and which they wash separately.'

Just give that a ponder the next time you consider romanticizing life on a grand English estate. It's not all tea and biscuits; sometimes it's just chilly hallways and funk.