Douchey Nebraska Political Consultant Fired for Calling Legislator a ‘Cunt’ on Facebook

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In his zeal to help prove his undying bro loyalty to Nebraska State Sen. Charlie Janssen, a "political consultant" named Jeremy Jensen deployed on of the last truly offensive bad words in the English language, calling Democratic legislator Danielle Conrad a "cunt" on his Facebook page. Jensen was promptly fired.

Not so promptly, however, that World-News columnist Erin Grace wasn't able to publicly shame Jensen for, among other obvious missteps, a) not realizing that one of his 423 "friends" might copy and share his private "cunt" post, and b) not really understanding how what he did is totally beyond the bounds of civilized adult behavior. In the message (posted last month and already seen by pretty much everyone in Conrad's family), Jensen screeches:

It's one thing for elected officials to disagree with each other. It's quite another to be a flat-out disrespectful cunt.


When Grace asked Jensen what made him think writing such a message was at all a good idea, he completely didn't take his chance to apologize and instead answered,

I have a private Facebook page that was open to my friends only," he said, adding he had 423 friends. It's not for a larger audience - there's a reason I have the security settings in place.

You see, Jensen's more of an old-school political consultant, as in, he doesn't really understand how the Internet works AND he harbors a grotesquely misogynist worldview. You'd think that would make him a great Republican staffer, but even Sen. Janssen, a Republican from Fremont, decided that Jensen should be be fired despite the surname similarities the two men share. Curiously, Janssen's official statement about Jensen's firing mentions that Jensen made the Facebook comments before he was hired to work for the good ship Janssen, which makes one wonder: hasn't anyone on Janssen's staff seen The Social Network? It was sort of a big deal.

Vulgar comment ends politico's job witj Janssen campaign [Omaha]

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It is not the word "cunt" that is offensive. It is the word "disrespectful" as in "Ms Conrad did not know her place among men." THAT is outrageously offensive! AND PLEASE, for the love of Goddess, Women stop giving men power to hurt us with our own word. "Cunt" is our Own Ancient Word. OWN IT!