Douche-y Newspaper Exec Resigns After Suspension

Illustration for article titled Douche-y Newspaper Exec Resigns After Suspension

Tribune executive Lee Abrams, first investigated for douchitude and then suspended for dickwaditry, has resigned. He won't be spending more time with his family, because they think he's ass-cheeztastic, too. [Wall Street Journal, image via Mike Schmid on Flickr]


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HAHAHA. I worked for a Tribune-owned newspaper/TV station all last year and Lee Abrams was always sending out these corporation-wide emails. The subject would say THINK PIECE, and the body would contain some halfwit idea about what we could do to improve (My personal favorite of his inspirations: "During the newscast you switch to the 'WXXX Crime Bureau.' There you have an ex- cop type who's 'seen it all, rough around the edges'. Gravy stains on his shirt. It's all about crime, not the slick 'look.' In this room, preferably a basement with cement and coffee stained walls and an authentic cigar. The ex-cop crime expert reports on the crimes.

He has 'insights' as in, 'Okay folks. Tomorrow is Thursday. Historically, car-jackings will be up 40%. Lock your car door!') He knows how bad guys break into your house. He knows the bad guys and their techniques because he's probably arrested them or 'their type' over the years. NO SLICK NASA GRAPHICS. Under-produced. Keep it Kojak."). It was like someone had hired Michael Scott to run the Trib. And given him coke. I'm sure his "insights" will be missed.