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Dope Ohio Teen Gets Her Dying Wish: Tasing a Cop

Photo: WCMH 10
Photo: WCMH 10

Finally a light-hearted story after a dark weekend—a teen delightedly causing pain to a fellow man.


Alyssa Elkins, who is 16 and, according to the AP, suffering from leukemia, got to fulfill one of her bucket-list items this weekend with help from the Newark Ohio police department: She tased a cop.

According to WCMH 10, Elkins was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago, had a bone marrow transplant and went into remission. But her cancer came back this year, and her doctors reportedly gave her about four months to live. She decided to spend part of that time being a metal badass. (She also, reportedly, wants to get a micro pig.)


And on Sunday, she fucked Sgt. Doug Bline right up.

“Bline winced and fell onto a mat, guided by spotters,” the AP reports. “He says being hit with a Taser is an unpleasant experience but it was worth it to help fulfill Alyssa’s wish.”

I love this teen!

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I’ll be that person... Was this a black child, specially a male, this would never happen. And if it by chance would, the outrage from Fox and their ilk would be enormous...