Don't Worry About Sex Ed Anymore -- There's a Real Sex Reboot!

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Good news, prurient ones: Real Sex is back—hopefully. The news comes from Vulture (which ran a great oral history of the show a few months ago). Chris Moukarbel, whose credits include Me @ the Zoo, is making a pilot for a reboot, titled SEX // NOW. It'll run January 2 at 11 p.m, and the subject is cam girls.

Of course, thanks in no small part to the Internet, it's not as easy to shock and enlighten as it was in the early 90s. This is an age where Fifty Shades drives the publishing business, after all. Moukarbel explained the current-day approach of the show to Vulture:

"Human desire is a technological engine in a lot of way... On the show, we want to explore sex culture and we want people to be turned on, but we're also interested in these other questions about how people find sexual fulfillment through the Internet."


If HBO picks up further episodes, he'd like to address Grindr and Tinder, for instance. So in the hopes that this'll stick around, Jezebel has a few requests for coverage:

  • Cuddle parties
  • "Those classy orgy listserv types"
  • People who fall in love with and/or marry objects (cars, especially)
  • Fetlife and also BDSM folk bitching about Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Internet exhibitionists
  • Tumblr. Just a whole episode about Tumblr.
  • People who want to have sex with robots/AIs of varying sorts

And, of course, Bronies.

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Actually, Bronies are just dudes who are really into MLP. The ones who are actually into pony porn are called "cloppers." makes me really sad that I actually know that >_>