Don't Play Yaself Today

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Last year around this time, Jezebel and the antiques collection site Deadspin switched writers for a historic day known as JezSpin. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. And I like to believe it was the most appropriate way to celebrate the annual fuckery that is April Fool’s Day, in that you, the reader, were fully aware of our hijinks. Not everyone can be as chill, unfortunately.

Into the Gloss did a lame April Fool’s prank (?) today by posting Kylie Jenner’s beauty routine, but the joke is’s just a roundup of quotes from other sources. The bottom of the post reads: “Happy (early) April Fool’s, everybody!” Tons of brands are also once again participating in pranks, including KFC, Ikea and Auntie Anne with its ridiculous flower crown logo. (Are pretzels not sacred anymore?) Clowns!

April Fool’s falls on a weekend, which means today will be fishy. This is your reminder to stay vigilant and alert. Doubt everything and everyone today, parents especially. Kids especially. Everyone is lying.


What they don’t realize is that the biggest prank is already on all of us. America.

Deadspin doing Jezebel:

Jezebel doing Deadspin:

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The Real Unsharer

So what you’re saying is we won’t get JezSpin this year? Or is the prank that you are doing it, but we don’t know that you’re doing it? Or is the prank that you’re making us think you’re doing JezSpin, but aren’t doing JezSpin?

Are you playing mind games with us?!