Don't Hire Kevin Bacon to Do Your Bikini Wax, Advises Kyra Sedgwick

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While some of us have spent the last year plastering our sourdough efforts across Instagram, others have been quietly mastering essential skills that we’d previously paid others to do for us. Learning to wax was one of my first quarantine projects, and I am thrilled to say that I’ve reached a place where I can get it done with minimal time and blood loss. Kyra Sedgwick has...not.


“You’re used to having professionals taking care of your outside,” Sedgwick told Jimmy Kimmel. “It became clear...that I needed a bikini line wax,” she said. “Part of me was like, ‘How hard can it be?’”

Her husband, Kevin Bacon, is “incredibly handy,” Sedgwick explained, citing his abilities with cooking and fixing things around the house as evidence. It only made sense that he’d be excellent at tearing out pubic hair as well! And this is how we came to learn that while Kevin Bacon is probably good at many things, waxing is not one of them.

“I’m not saying it was a disaster, but the fact that we did not have to go to the emergency room was just an absolute miracle,” she said. “There were moments where I was like, ‘I thought you knew how to do this!’ … And he was like, ‘I didn’t say I knew how to do this. You said I knew how to do this!’”

At this point, Sedgwick has been talking about waxing for nearly five minutes, which gave me plenty of time to ponder at what point in a marriage this level of intimacy becomes acceptable? Does childbirth just open the floodgates, or is it more of a slow progression, from peeing with the door open onward? People capable of maintaining longterm relationships, please explain. [Page Six]

Sarah Jessica Parker says that Kim Cattrall’s character will not be replaced on the highly ill-advised 10-part Sex and the City reboot coming to HBO Max, insisting that “New York City is a great character.” What a Carrie thing to say.


According to Page Six, Parker/Carrie added that filming hasn’t started, and that the covid-19 vaccine “is playing a major role in that.”

She added that she can’t wait to start “shooting in the city that we love,” saying she’s “hoping to be part of a city that’s able to support our businesses and culture and institutions that have been closed down and the business that have been hurt in the process.”


I can’t help but wonder...will celebrities with upcoming projects be entitled to the vaccine earlier than laypeople? I fear so. [Page Six]

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If you are marrying someone and have not peed with door open in their presence you are not ready for marriage. Not. Even. Close.

Kyra and Kevin have a level of intimacy that all couples should strive for and is an emblematic example of what it can be. She assumed he knew what the fuck he was doing, he said he just did what he told her to do but did not admit until after he had no fucking idea what was going on, and yet they persist.