Don't Ask Men How They 'Deal With' Their Wives

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Last night Chrissy Teigen began tweeting, as she likes to do, about an unnerving question that kept popping up in interviews with her husband John Legend: basically, how do you deal with her, bro?


“I feel like a very common question when interviewing john is basically ‘how do you deal with your wife’ and... I don’t love it,” she tweeted. “‘does she ask you if certain things are okay to say?’’s just very weird to me.”

“no. he doesn’t. I don’t care. and he doesn’t care. end of question,” she added.

Glamour pointed out that indeed this question has been asked of Legend quite a few times, citing the time Ellen Degeneres asked Legend, “Does she run these [tweets] by you?” or Carson Daly asking him “John, do you ever go on Twitter or Instagram and see something that she’s written and you’re just like, ‘Aw, man, I don’t need..’”

Sure, Teigen is a prolific tweeter who sometimes pulls weird faces in the audience watching Legend at award shows, but she’s a celebrity too. That she’d need to curb her own comments so that Legend can protect his brand or anonymity or whatever is absurd, as if he’s the only person in their relationship who gets to have a public voice.

This should be obvious, but it’s gross to ask any man, famous or not, how he “deals with” his wife or girlfriend, as if she’s something to constantly reel in. It reeks of the kind of sexist mentality that produces posters for “man caves” preaching the necessity of putting a nagging wife in her place.

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Ugh. Can we talk about man caves? These bother me on so many levels. Why does a man need a retreat? Does he just get to go into his cave when the kids are bothering him? Does he really need a room dedicated to manly pursuits?

I’ve been married many years and my husband has free rein to go where ever he wants in our house, as do I. Neither one of us needs a place to retreat from the family.

If we have an occasional need for time alone, we’ll just go into another room.

I think it's just the whole idea that the man needs his own space, while the woman doesn't, that rubs me the wrong way.