Don't Ask Jamie Lee Curtis About Her Late Mother, or This Will Happen

During E!’s always mind-numbing yet always watchable red carpet show before the 2016 Golden Globes, Giuliana Rancic asked Jamie Lee Curtis, nominated for her role in Scream Queens, about recreating her mother’s classic shower scene from Psycho last year.


“My mom’s been gone a long time. We’re moving forward,” she said of her mother, Janet Leigh, who passed away in 2004.

The response, an uncomfortable few seconds of carefully chosen words, was seemingly far from what Rancic expected. And it suggested, well, I don’t know what it suggested! But I feel very strange all of a sudden.

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Veronica Mars in Neptune

This was awkward and kinda weird. I’m no real fan of Rancic but Jamie did recreate this just last year, so it’s not a shock that people would bring it up to her in an interview now. Like, if she had recreated the scene in 2002 or something than I could understand not wanting to be asked about it but she did this a short time ago, so?? idk man.