Donna Karan Uses 'Real People' in DKNY Runway Show

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Donna Karan celebrated New York by using "real people" in her DKNY runway show on Sunday. As opposed to the animatronic cyborgs that have permeated the modeling industry who feed off designer clothes to fuel their bloodlust before the impending invastion of Earth, I guess.


Don't worry, professional models, you're not all going to be without work just yet. According to ABC News, Karan used us "real folks" alongside regular models (BECAUSE THERE WOULD BE NO FASHION WITHOUT THEM). There were a mixed bag of non-model types in Karan's runway show:

A DJ. A TV presenter. A printmaker. A few students. A biologist, a "night life hostess," and, in the most intriguing entry in the show's written program, a "tattoo artist/ pro skateboarder."

What? No beleaguered night-bloggers at a popular women's website? Hmm, maybe the invitation got lost in the mail.

Angel Haze, a musician, wore a favorite DKNY look: a long black faux fur vest. Devan Mayfield, a painter and a health practitioner, wore a crepe houndstooth and lace shift dress. Daniel Bamdad, a TV presenter, wore slim black jeans and a black cotton cutoff shirt. Masha Korchagina, an actress and biologist, wore a black and white shearling "cape vest." Melissa Burns, the nightlife hostess, wore a striped shearling coat.

So glad that FINALLY beautiful actresses are getting some recognition here. Too long have their efforts to be "real" amongst us the rest of us lowly normals gone unsung!

OK, take off your bitter The Devil Wears Prada bitch shoes for one second to recognize that Karan looked deep within her NYC roots to come up with the inspiration for this show. (Or, she was looking for a way to save money by not having to hire big name models during Fashion Week. Whatever. I will give her the "artist's" benefit of the doubt.)


"DKNY really is about the streets. It's about the streets of New York, the energy of New York, the people of New York. You know, seeing how they do their hair, and their look and their style," Karan said of the inspiration for her show and the use of the models. "Designers try to keep up with them."

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