Donald Trump Would Like the Trump University Trial to Not Include His Personal Conduct, Please

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In May, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel ordered materials on Trump University’s procedures for dealings with students and the media be unsealed. Donald Trump called him a hater, and implied that because Judge Curiel is Mexican (though born and raised in Indiana), that influenced his decision. Trump would like this and all of the other horrible things he’s said and done since deemed irrelevant in the civil suit against him.

Reuters reports that Trump’s lawyers filed papers on Thursday asking that the many personal conduct issues that have arisen during Trump’s campaign, including his self-admitted habit of grabbing women’s genitalia without their consent, be disregarded by the Trump University case’s jury, writing, “Before trial begins in this case, prospective members of the jury will have the opportunity to cast their vote for president...It is in the ballot box where they are free to judge Mr. Trump based on all this and more.”


The evidence that Trump’s lawyers have asked to be stricken from the record includes “campaign speeches, tweets, his tax issues and controversy over his personal charity.” That covers almost everything about him, doesn’t it? They also argued that the case should be dismissed entirely, as Trump left the management of the school to other people, though he did have a hand in planning the concept and curriculum.

The trial is set to begin on November 28, at which time we will know if the jury will also have to ignore the fact that he is President of the United States. If he’s not, I think we’re all happy to forget about everything he’s said or done as soon as possible.

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