Today’s New York Times profile of Donald Trump Jr. contained a great many words, some of which were pretty good and informative. (An anecdote on a lying Ivanka slyly blaming him for a broken chandelier. An anecdote about his maternal grandfather, who purportedly said “There is the woods. See you at dark.” An anecdote on allegations that he’s a white supremacist: “I’m not a curated kind of guy.”)

But the photos...the photos, man, are nothing short of glorious. Here is Donny, alone on a tree stump, contemplating all the animals of the world he has yet to kill. Here he is again, this time in a field. “Try to look relaxed, like you’ve worn flannel before,” the photographer might have suggested, which I guess is how we wound up with this painfully awkward hand-on-hip number. At the conclusion of the shoot, he probably tossed those shiny new boots into a fire, cackling as they burned.

Twitter immediately lit up with reactions to Pensive Donny, the Sad Keanu of 2017. The results are pretty decent, for a Saturday:

Remember: If you put a rat in flannel, he’s still a rat.