Donald Trump Is Casting His Cabinet Like They're Judges on a Reality TV Show

Image via AP Photo.
Image via AP Photo.

Has this world felt surreal to you lately? Have you pondered whether you might be in a coma? Have you felt increasingly open to the possibility that we’re approaching the final climax of the computer simulation we’ve been living in all along, the 2016 election a result of the devious teenage meddling of some unimaginably advanced future human society?


Well, listen, if it makes you feel any better (okay, it won’t!), President-Elect Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have a handle on whether this is real, either.

Politico reports that he is considering former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. for transportation secretary or another Cabinet post. Why? Well, first of all, Ford, who represented Tennessee’s Ninth Congressional District for five terms until 2007, is pretty conservative for a Democrat—his civil rights record is mixed, and he’s held both pro-choice and pro-life positions. He currently works for Morgan Stanley, a background that seems to appeal to our “populist” prez, and Politico notes that he’s friends with Don Jr., Ivanka, and Jared Kushner.

Most importantly, he’s hot:

Trump, an adviser said, is keen on adding some Democrats to his Cabinet, and Ford’s made-for-TV looks could endear him to Trump (as could his regular appearances on “Morning Joe,” which Trump tunes in to regularly). The New York Times reported over the weekend that Trump took into account that Mike Pence looked right out of “central casting” when he tapped him as his running mate, and that he used the same language to describe the slim and patrician Mitt Romney, whom he reportedly is considering for secretary of state.

Yes, our President-Elect appears to be quite literally casting his administration for a mix of good looks and, one should assume, drama. As Kristin Cavallari would say, what happens in The Situation Room will destroy us all with the swift release of our nuclear arsenal.

God, can Ted Cruz ever catch a break?

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If nothing else 2016 is hard proof of the multiverse. You know some other universe got Hillary and is breathing a sigh of resigned relief right now.