A Trump win is also predicted to cause global markets to plummet. It could be the start of a global recession, and what The Guardian termed a “cataclysmic shock.”


But anyway, you know, this is our guy. This is who we picked. What does that say about America? That we’re still immeasurably more racist and more sexist than anyone might have thought possible? Absolutely. But also that we’re shockingly, breathtakingly careless. This is—this night has made clear—a nation full of people who care for nothing, who are so heedless of our place as the most powerful nation on earth that we entrusted its leadership to this man. We’ve elected a man with zero experience in public service, zero military experience, and a toxic relationship with his own party. We voted into office a man who reportedly asked, during a national security briefing, why we don’t just use our nuclear weapons. We’ve elected the president we deserve, and God help us all.