Donald Trump Eats His Steak Well Done With Ketchup, Like a Damn Child

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Last night, our meathead-in-chief headed to the Trump Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. for a steak dinner at the BLT Steakhouse. And wouldn’t you know that he managed to make it completely unappetizing!


According to the Independent Journal Review, Trump ordered an aged New York strip steak well done. And then, he ate it with ketchup. Ketchup.

While there, Trump was spotted by other restaurant patrons and treated like the celebrity he wants to be. One woman cried, “Donald, it’s my birthday!” Trump took a picture with her—a “birthday present,” he said—and then told her she looked “very young” and “has great skin.”

He was joined for dinner by class acts Nigel Farage, leader of Brexit, Florida governor Rick Scott, daughter Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner.

So anyway, how was your weekend?



Having spent 7 years working in a steakhouse, I can attest that there are exactly two kinds of adults who eat steak like this:

-People old enough to have lived at the dawn of refrigeration

-The kind of scum that is abusive to wait staff