Donald Trump Called Roseanne Barr to Congratulate Her On Her Show’s Massive Ratings

Photo: ABC

After learning that the premiere of ABC’s Roseanne revival drew 18.2 million viewers, and that its protagonist was a loud and proud supporter of our current president, Donald Trump picked up the phone and gave the show’s creator and star, Roseanne Barr, a ring.


White House press secretary Sarah H. Sanders tells The New York Times that Trump “called Ms. Barr to congratulate her on the revival of her comedy... and to thank her for her support.”

Earlier this week, Barr and the Times had this exchange, which Trump presumably read and appreciated:

NYT: Considering that Trump opposes many of the principles that you and Roseanne Conner have stood for, how can you support him?

BARR: No, he doesn’t, I don’t think he does. I don’t think so at all. I think he voices them quite well.

I’m thinking of abortion rights, same-sex marriage rights, labor protections —

He doesn’t oppose same-sex marriage.

He doesn’t favor it. He has not come out in favor of it.

He does. Yes, he does. He has said it several times, you know, that he’s not homophobic at all.

What about labor union protections and blue collar workers, and

What do you mean, the — oh, let’s not get into this.

[A representative for Ms. Barr interjected: “You don’t have to get into it. We can move on.”]

Speaking of Roseanne:



Quickly: the LAPD has claimed that Corey Feldman was NOT stabbed earlier this week in the San Fernando Valley. In a statement given to the LA Times, LAPD officer Drake Madison said that although Feldman “claims he was stabbed, there is no laceration or stabbing to his stomach.”


I guess that explains the vaping.

[LA Times]

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