Donald Trump Backed Out of Releasing His Medical Records at the Last Minute

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

In an apparent effort to capitalize on Hillary Clinton’s weekend collapse, Donald Trump promised to appear on television with noted quack Dr. Oz this week to go over the results of his most recent medical exam. For some undisclosed reason, that’s not happening anymore.


Indeed, according to Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs, a Trump aide says, “Trump’s interview this morning with Dr. Oz will just be a conversation about well-being, being active and positive thinking.”

An odd segment choice for a petty man with the skin of a raw hamburger and a penchant for KFC, but one that certainly makes sense if Dr. Oz were say, scrambling to fill time after someone declined to turn over the records.

So, uh, what exactly happened?

Trump’s aides aren’t saying, and neither is Dr. Oz, who told The Politico this morning that he will not be asking the candidate any “questions he doesn’t want to have answered.” Reports from the studio indicate Trump did hand Oz a “one-page summary of a recent physical exam,” which is apparently different from the summary he submitted in December from his gastroenterologist Harold Bornstein, a two-page document written “in five minutes” declaring Trump “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

Adding to the confusion, Trump’s new spokesperson, Kelly Conway, said today the candidate is still waiting on the results of the physical he had last week—despite the document he handed Dr. Oz.

“Mr. Trump has said that he had a physical late last week, before, let me make clear, before Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with the pneumonia, certainly long before we knew she was diagnosed with pneumonia before she stumbled outside Ground Zero, and he will release it this week,” she said during an appearance on Fox. “In other words, when he gets the result from his doctor.”


In other words, bullshit bullshit bullshit!!

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So...basically the same excuse as with the taxes. He’s “being audited” and he’s “having a physical”.