Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Are Very Much in Love, Thank You

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A muralist with either ardently delightful and/or disturbing political fan fiction-related fantasies has created a mural of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin making out. How aroused are you on a scale of “I didn’t know kissing involved so much staring, also why am I having a panic attack” to “my sexy fun time organs have turned to ash”?


The mural of your new favorite metaphor was unveiled in Vilnius, Lithuania, on May 13, and is situated on the storefront of a barbecue joint named the Keule Ruke, according to The Washington Post. Here is an Instagram photo of the artist, a local named Mindaugas Bonanu, posing in front of his masterpiece with Keule Ruke owner Dominykas Čečkauskas. Note how “#pulledpork” is a hashtag included in the ‘gram, and then promptly realize you will never forget that fact.

As The Washington Post noted, the mural is an homage to a mural painted on the Berlin Wall in 1990 by the Russian painter Dmitri Vrubel, which depicted a fraternal kiss between former communist leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker. The original mural was based on a kiss that actually happened in 1979—a common practice at the time. Vrubel’s work, which is still intact today, is named “My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love,” which is exactly what you were thinking right now, weren’t you?

In an interview with the Baltic News Service, Čečkauskas explained that the animus behind the piece was inspired by the “similarities between the two heroes [Putin and Trump],” both of whom have expressed mutual admiration for each other in the past.

“They both have an ego that is too big, and it is funny that they get along well,” he continued. “We are in a sort of a Cold War again, and America may get a president who will want to be friends with Russia,” he added.

I am very much hoping that after Putin and Trump inevitably announce their engagement, their globally-televised wedding will feature Russia’s prime minister riding a horse down the aisle, shirtless. Thank Claude that Obama repealed DOMA, everyone—maybe Putin will follow suit?


If you would like some long shots of our Instagram generation’s version of this Klimt painting, here you go:

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Rando Calrissian

I approve. Hopefully the fact they get along with wake up a few voters.