Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Are Feuding

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I hear it’s cold.

  • Gossipy excerpts from Michael Wolff’s forthcoming book on the Trump administration included claims that Donald Trump didn’t want to be the President of the United States, that Melania Trump cried when her husband won the presidency, and that Ivanka Trump may want to be the President of the United States. It also laughably describes Steve Bannon as “one of the most powerful men in the world.” [New York Magazine]
  • But how reliable are the book and its author? [Slate]
  • The tidbits published today led to an all-out war between Trump and Bannon. In a statement, Trump said that Bannon has “lost his mind.” [New York Times]
  • Enjoy the entirety of Trump’s statement which accuses Bannon of losing Republicans the Alabama Senate seat, being in it “for himself,” and “leaking false information to the media.” [Twitter]
  • Sarah Sanders followed up with a statement, describing the book as “trashy tabloid fiction.” [Talking Points Memo]
  • She followed up later during her daily press briefing, describing Bannon’s comments about Donald Trump Jr. as “absolutely outrageous and unprecedented way is probably not the best way to curry favor with anybody.” [CNBC]
  • Mitch McConnell also had a few thoughts on the Trump-Bannon fight. [Twitter]
  • Meanwhile, Paul Manafort has filed a lawsuit against Robert Mueller and the Justice Department. [Politico]
  • Doug Jones and Tina Smith were sworn into the Senate today. [C-SPAN]
  • Despite Representative Blake Farenthold’s promise to repay the $84,000 of taxpayer dollars used to settle a sexual harassment claim, he has yet to repay the amount. A spokesperson told CNN that the Congressman “has not yet written a check, and on the advice of counsel is waiting to see what changes the House will make to the Congressional Accountability Act before repaying those funds.” [CNN]
  • Alex Wagner will take over Mark Halperin’s job as co-host of The Circus. Halperin was fired in October after numerous sexual harassment allegations. [The Wrap]
  • Eric Trump has questions about Ellen Degeneres and the imaginary deep state. [HuffPost]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:



My daily routine involves listening to the prior night’s MSNBC lineup. Once your lunatic president sent his “my dick is bigger” tweet,that pretty much devoured the news cycle.

Ain’t nobody wants to think about our lunatic president our his little orange pecker.

This last year taught me one thing...

Everybody needs a dog. They make life tolerable. Marzipan, as usual, greeted me as I came in the door. All she wants out of life is to be pet by me. She’s not the brightest dog in the world, but dammit, she is the sweetest.

Case in point... I just walked into the kitchen and saw her sprawled out on the floor, eating a raw potato she had pulled out of the pantry. I looked down at her in quiet resignation and said, “You’re an idiot.” She looked up at me as if to say, “I love you too.”

Everybody needs a Marzipan in their life.

Except Henri. He’s got way too much Marzipan in his life.