Donald Trump, a White Billionaire, Claims That the Rules Are 'Stacked Against' Him

Human garbage disposal and GOP front-runner Donald Trump complained in an interview with Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night that “the rules are stacked against” him by “the establishment” in light of the most recent results of the 2016 presidential primary, which still have him leading by hundreds of delegates.


It’s his world, folks. It’s his world.

Trump’s comments, which were made during a special CNN town hall in New York City, were in reference to Trump’s recent loss in Colorado to fellow candidate Ted Cruz.

“Ted Cruz is saying you’re just being a whiner,” said Cooper, after reading off a number of comments Trump himself had made in light of the Colorado results, in which he proclaimed the electoral system in Colorado was “rigged, disgusting, and dirty.”

“The bottom line is the rules are the rules,” Cooper added. “Didn’t you just get out-played on the ground?”

Trump’s response? After bragging about how he is currently beating Cruz by “millions of votes” and “hundreds of delegates,” Trump decided to “blame [Colorado] on the establishment.”


“They changed the rules a number of months ago,” Trump said to Cooper during their Q&A. “You know why they changed the rules? Because they saw how I was doing and they didn’t like it.”


To reiterate: Trump, a white billionaire who is currently leading Cruz as his party’s presidential nominee by 12 states, is complaining that the entire American political system is rigged against him.

During his diatribe, Trump pointed to Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders as an example of another presidential hopeful who has, again, the rules “stacked against him.”


Like, okay.

On the bright side, at least this wasn’t a verbal hate crime? I’m going to take a cue from (and keep a running tally like) my colleague Anna Merlan here. Six days strong, guys! Six days strong!


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