His Cameo introduction message is as follows:

“Guys, Donald Trump Jr here. Really excited to be on Cameo, look forward to communicating with you guys. Also really look forward to helping my friend, Benghazi survivor Mark Geist, raise some money for his incredible charity, The Shadow Warriors project, getting K-9s in the hands of vets that need them. Looking forward to doing all that and speaking to you guys soon. It’s good to be here.”


Nothing like helping veterans of America’s forever wars get support dogs with a side of Trumpist propaganda. In one message, uploaded by Daily Mail, Don Jr. congratulates a man on becoming a citizen and says he hopes to see him at a MAGA rally soon. In another, Don Jr. offered the following reassurance to a fan from Australia: “Don’t worry about it if your wife’s mad at you for saying that election night 2016 was the happiest night of your life, don’t worry, there’s millions of people just like you! You can tell her I said that.”

Hopefully, the Australian man didn’t buy that message on his own, or else his wife will have yet another thing to be mad at him about.

But for those who don’t have $500 to burn, you can receive a direct message from Don Jr. for a cool $19.99. What more can a girl ask for?