Domestic Violence Ads Show Men Abusing Posters

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Turkish anti-domestic violence organization Mor Çati set up posters around Istanbul and recorded men breaking 2-D ladies' limbs, revealing the slogan "I want freedom... from violence." Does the commercial (after the jump) say more about domestic abuse or vandalism? [Copyranter]


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Captain Peasant of the Comment Ghetto

I like the idea, in theory.

But it's obvious that they're meant to be broken. If you watch the video you can see the little pre-cut parts that so the limbs will break off how they want them to.

A lot of the guys don't really seem like they meant to break anything. Anymore than people who jump up to touch a door frame expect it to come off. Casting them as potential abusers seems unfair.

It seems like it would have been better executed if they'd just put up some feminist message and kept the cutout strong, as those seem to get vandalized pretty quickly.

Because then:

a) people would actually have to be violent to hurt the stupid thing, instead of mildly interested in kicking at something and then surprised when it broke.

b) it would actually make it about solidly about misogyny instead of just mild (seemingly occasionally unintentional) vandalism.