Does My Cat Look Fucked Up to You?

My cat in August—Happier times. Photo via the author.

This week, my three-year-old cat Beaky was compelled to the vet for a (very expensive) teeth cleaning, during which he was supposed to get one rotten tooth pulled. When he returned from the procedure, however, the vet had removed not one but three teeth.

At first Beaky was hilariously adorable; still stoned from the anesthesia and with one paw shaved where I’m presuming they stuck in an IV, he was wobbling around like a drunk toddler (but a cat), clearly in a state of confusion. In the days since, though, I think that perhaps the tooth removal may have resulted in his face sinking in a little bit, and he looks weird to me. (The photo above is his “Before,” taken a couple months ago.) Does he look weird to you?

Never mind his pupils; in this photograph he is extremely high on cat painkillers, and seems like he’s having a pretty good time. But does his face look weird?

Here’s another angle:


Peculiar, isn’t it?

For more comparison, here’s my cat in 2015:


And here’s my cat now.


He has his health and I’m thankful for that, but. I just don’t know, man.

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