Does Kaley Cuoco Hate America?

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Thanks to a photo uploaded on Independence Day, many people now believe Kaley Cuoco, star of the improbably successful CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, is a freedom-hating traitor.


In the now-deleted Instagram post, Cuoco shared a photo of her dogs (whom she lovingly refers to as her “squad”) awaiting a command from their loving Queen. Though all three canines have patriotic bandanas around their necks, two appear to be turncoats—as they can be seen sitting proudly on top of an American flag and pressing it into the dirt with their buttholes.

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Though Cuoco’s caption suggest her dogs were under the supervision of her boarder at the time the photo was taken, it was immediately met with harsh criticisms from Cuoco’s more patriotic fans. Writes Fox News:

One critic wrote, “Showing disrespect for the flag, it should never touch the ground, or let your pet stand on it!” Another commented, “Shame on you, Kaley. You lost a fan.”

Look. I’m not saying my personal Big Bang Theory is that Cuoco would have been a vocal Loyalist during the American Revolution who used her acting career to spread pro-British propaganda in plays with names like Monarchs In America: A George-Centric Fantasia on National Themes, I’m just saying there’s a chance she would have read about the Boston Tea Party and thought, “What a waste.”

On a related note, Cuoco was recently spotted at a performance of Hamilton. Whether or not she interpreted the show as a British tragedy is unclear.


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