Does Ivanka Think This New York Times Headline Is a Compliment?

I’m confused. Can Ivanka Trump not read or is she simply rubbing her father’s non-victory victory in our faces? Because something here is off.

Yesterday she tweeted a picture of the New York Times headline: “Democrats, Students, and Foreign Allies Face the Reality Of a Trump Presidency,” and captioned it: “Thank you America!”

What is Ivanka missing here? Does that headline sound positive to you? Does “face the reality” somehow register as a synonym for “welcomes” or “are excited by” and nobody told me?


Is this reality? Am I still alive? Did I die and get sent to sane person’s hell without realizing it? Am I really going to have to operate in this delicate state of terrified composure for the next four years? Is she just trying to be an asshole? Help.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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I wouldn’t say Ivanka’s “trying” to be an asshole, I think she’s being extremely successful at it. I know a woman who thinks that Ivanka secretly disagrees with Trump but she feels forced to support him. HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah no this entire family is trash.