Doctors Report Rise In STDs Among Young Women

  • STDs are on the rise, especially among the young. Health authorities from the UK report a 3% rise in cases of STIs in the past two years and they believe that young adults are responsible for the upward trend.

Two-thirds of new cases of STDs were reported in women under 25. 66% of the new cases of genital warts and 88% of chlamydia were found in young women. “These latest figures show that poor sexual health is a serious problem among the UK’s young adults and men who have sex with men,” remarked a doctor from the Health Protection Agency.

  • A group promoting the legalization of weed paid Facebook roughly $5,000 to run an ad that featured a picture of a marijuana leaf. A week after it went up, Facebook pulled the picture, saying the image violated its policy against promoting smoking. Just Say Now, the pro-pot organization, is now accusing Facebook of censorship.
  • A study out of Sweden found that binging on fast food for four weeks is—shocker!—bad for you. The effects of an energy-dense diet can stick with you for years, even after you switch to a healthier plan.
  • “Tying the knot is BAD for your sex life,” the Daily Mail reports. According to researchers, six out of ten couples believe marriage ruined the excitement of having sex. The survey also found that married couples only do the nasty about once a week. But before you freak out, it seems significant to note that the poll in question was conducted by an extra-marital dating service,
  • New guidelines issued by the UK National Institute for Health suggests women with high blood pressure take aspirin from the 12th week of pregnancy onward in order to help prevent complications. Risks that are linked to high blood pressure include pre-eclampsia, premature birth, still birth, and underweight infants.
  • Three teenagers who were named on a hit list on Facebook have been killed in the past two weeks in a Colombian town. The hit list was posted on August 17 and told the 69 people listed that they must either leave the town of Puerto Asis or be executed. Police do not know who is behind the list or the murders.
  • This Saturday, more than 100 women—all over the age of 60—will go skydiving in Wisconsin to demonstrate that “having fun in life never stops.” Good luck, ladies!
  • A couple was recently caught having sex on the floor of a rural Elma home — which was not their own — when a neighbor stopped by to collect mail for the homeowner. The fornicators apparently broke into the house to film their love making, but unfortunately for them, they left the resulting tape behind. Police have identified the culprits and issued arrest warrants.
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