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Doctors Advise Wannabe Mommies To Try, Try Again

Illustration for article titled Doctors Advise Wannabe Mommies To Try, Try Again

New research suggests that one of the better times to get pregnant is right after a miscarriage. Women who conceive in the six months following a miscarriage lessen their chances of suffering another by one third.


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I'm a little confused by some of the comments below. Doctors aren't making the findings up in order to be cruel to women who are grieving recent miscarriages. If a woman wants to try for another child, and the doctor knows this info, s/he should mention it for the patient's consideration (in a tactful way, of course.)

What if the doctor didn't tell her, she waited a year and then had another miscarriage? People would be screaming that a good doc would have told her the facts right off.