Doctor Officially Diagnoses Michelle Duggar's Ladyparts

Today's Dr. Nancy Snyderman: "That uterus can't have any spring in it anymore."


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I know I'm in the minority around these parts, but this line of commentary (on Today or on Jez) rubs me the wrong way. I wouldn't want a woman's uterus and vagina becoming fodder for daytime talk shows if she had 20 abortions, and I don't want it being discussed if she has 20 kids.

Historically, what Michelle Duggar has done is not that unusual. Mrs. Duggar's lady parts aren't going to fall out from having too many kids any more than some 45 year-old spinster's lady parts are going to dry up and fall out because she didn't have any children at all.

Let's let everyone make their own reproductive decisions. On that note, a big shout out to Mississippi!