Doctor Lied About Vaccine Dangers

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The vaccine-autism link just got even weaker, with news that the doctor who sparked fears about the MMR vaccine actually falsified his results. [TimesOnline]

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Autism fears are not the only reason to not vax your child. My blood pressure is up at the ridiculous things I'm reading in these comments. "Criminal negligence"? Not even close.

Vaccines ARE dangerous. Some children suffer serious reactions, including DEATH. VAERS exists for a reason. And the government has a fund to pay out to vaccine victims for a reason too.

Some of the diseases for which there are vaccines are very serious. Some are NOT. I will never give my child the MMR or the chicken pox vaccine. Measles? Mumps? Go ask your mom how horrible measles was. Answer: not very. There's even an episode of the Brady Bunch where they all get it, and it's remarkably similar to how I remember getting Chicken Pox.


Modern medicine, sanitation and nutrition have been more instrumental in the decline of "vax-preventable" diseases and deaths from those diseases than vaccines. Educate yourself on the disease you're supposedly preventing before you make the decision about your child.

Which brings me to another point. Vaccines are not 100% effective. Vaccinated kids often catch those same diseases anyway. And the immunity from vax is much more short-lived than the immunity from actually having the disease. So instead of life-long immunity from having the mumps, a person could catch it when they're older and could be much worse for them.

Diseases are a risk. So are vaccines. In choosing, I chose to take the risk that does NOT involve injecting my child with toxic chemicals, heavy metals, cloned fetal cells and DNA from monkeys, cows and pigs. :)