Do You Have A Fashion Dealbreaker?

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There are many creepy things about this vintage Van Heusen ad, but perhaps the creepiest of all are the specs the man in the ad is wearing; thick, tinted frames that can best be described as "serial killer glasses."


I don't have many dealbreakers when it comes to men's fashion, and the ones I do have are fairly standard; no socks with sandals, no Axe body spray, no porn-y facial hair, etc. "Serial killer glasses" are also on the list, because they seem to pop-up a litttttle too often in mugshots, wanted posters, and taped "interviews" with Chris Hansen. I'd also like to point out that there's a difference between "serial killer glasses" and "80s dad glasses," as my father and most of my friends' fathers also had a pair of thick, tinted frames back in the day, but wearing them in 1985, when they were stylish, is a bit different than rocking a pair in 2010, which has a definite creepiness about it.

In any case, I have a hard time dealing with anyone wearing those thick, tinted frames, and would definitely call them a fashion dealbreaker, though thankfully my boyfriend isn't inclined to wear them, so it's not much of a problem. What are your fashion dealbreakers? Or can you look past bad fashion as long as you really like the person underneath?


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Little Green Frog

How about jeans worn so low they show the boxer shorts the guy is wearing? UGH. Pull them up!!!