Do You Feel Comfortable Naked? Answer & Money Goes To Charity

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Can you parallel-park? Do you think Christina Hendricks is the best-looking woman in this country? Are you satisfied with the size of your breasts? Just a few of the charity-minded questions from Esquire's "Survey of the American Woman 2010." [Esquire]



Oh god.

I've gone through an excruciating version of one of these questions today, and shit still doesn't make sense to me.

Here goes: Me and my wife were waiting at the bus stop this morning; snow, nastiness, etc. Five or six people at the bus stop, and when it pulls up a couple of people get on. Then my wife gets on. I looked to my right and saw a seventy-ish older lady looking at me expectantly, so I stood aside and let her get on, then I got on.

And my wife and I have been fighting ever since, because she said that me letting on somebody (anybody) before me meant that I didn't care about her feelings, that I put the old woman's safety and happiness in front of her, and so on.

My wife said it's really important to her that we get on the bus together, but she also said she doesn't want to wait to get on the bus.

SO, what should I have done? Push in front of the old lady?