Do We Dare Believe Melania Trump's Favorite Show Is 'How to Get Away With Murder'?

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How to Get Away With Murder, for those of you who don’t know, is a Shonda Rhimes television program about a criminal defense attorney, played by Viola Davis, and the interns at her law firm, all of whom either help defend people who murder, or cover up murders, or do some murders themselves. It is a very classic ShondaLand show, full of mystery, adultery, alcohol, lots of people dying—including the main character’s cheating husband, who is murdered in literally the very first episode—and it is apparently Melania Trump’s favorite thing to watch on TV. Could this....mean something?


Melania’s preferred TV program was revealed today in a New York Times piece analyzing how President Trump & Friends handled pop culture in 2017. Amid the news that Trump thinks Citizen Kane is a “great movie about newspapering” and a reminder that Ted Cruz has so few friends he spends his free time memorizing film scripts, is this little detail:

KATIE ROGERS Melania Trump recently told me her favorite show is “How to Get Away With Murder.” I love that the first lady is a Shondaland fan. She also enjoys “Empire.” And reality TV did not come up once.


Now, it is possible this is an effort on Melania’s part to seem more relatable, like how she also hates cyberbullying and loves the arts. It is also possible Melania Trump likes that Shonda Rhimes’ characters are strong, independent women with impeccable wardrobes, plus Michelle Obama recently did an interview with Rhimes, and we know how much Melania looks to the former First Lady for inspiration.

Still, if Melania starts assembling a crack team of emotionally unstable law students, we’ll know what’s up.


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Nilla Waffler

Nothing anyone says could convince me he actually sat down and watched Citizen Kane all the way through at any point, ever.