Do Not Slap a Bouncer with a Slice of Pizza, Ya Bitch

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A young woman was arrested at a bar in Amherst, Massachusetts early Thursday morning for allegedly interfering when police were called to the scene—to investigate an earlier incident which involved one of her friends slapping the doorman with a slice of pizza, after he refused to take it in lieu of an I.D.

According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, police were summoned to the Monkey Bar at 12:16 a.m:

...Another woman was asked to show her ID to the doorman, and instead attempted to present a slice of pizza. After being informed that pizza was not a valid means of gaining entry to the establishment, the woman slapped the doorman in the face, according to police, and was issued a trespass notice to stay away from the location.


Just over 20 minutes later, police arrested a 21-year-old woman on charges of disorderly conduct after she intervened on the pizza-slappers behalf, though why she became involved remains unclear. [UPDATE: The charges were ultimately dismissed and in an email to Jezebel, the woman insists she had no knowledge of her companion’s actions when she intervened with the police.] There’s one fact, however, that’s clear as the crystal I dream of one day eating my pizza off of: slapping a person with anything simply because they’re doing their job and following the law is fucking rude and these bitches need to get their dang acts together!

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OK, but if she was 21, why didn’t she have ID? Or was she just too drunk to remember where it was?

Also: Don’t hit people with pizza unless you want the whole country laughing at you.