Analysts say her jailbird paintings show her "sinister side." What, more sinister than serving 26 years for murder? Apparently! Even for the Daily Fail, this was low.

Whatever your opinion of the Amanda Knox case, we can all agree that the Daily Mail's treatment of her alleged self-portraits is ludicrous. True to form, the tab had a shrink who doesn't treat her "analyze" the artwork, done in prison, and make sweeping deductions. The analyst deemed the portraits ‚ÄĒ psychedelic drawings of a woman's back and hands ‚ÄĒ "disturbed." She also said red represented "anger and frustration." And! "Looking at the hands, it's interesting that the third finger is longer than the first."

Knox's family deemed these claims "absurd, bizarre and ridiculous." And if you go to the Daily Mail's site, the article is no longer available.

Incidentally, Knox's first appeal hearing takes place on the 24th ‚ÄĒ at which point an actual expert will apparently testify to errors made with DNA evidence.

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