DJ Khaled's Fiancée Is the Most Patient Person on Earth

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Imagine the level of calm needed to deal with a crying newborn in one ear and DJ Khaled screaming “Another one!” in the other. If only we could be blessed with the patience of his fiancée, Nicole Tuck.

In a series of Snapchat videos from Tuesday, Khaled is seen—and heard—being playfully obnoxious while Nicole commands him to stop yelling. “Shut the fuck up,” she says. “I can’t.” “Oh my God.” And, “Get away from me.” Obviously, Khaled wouldn’t have posted this if it wasn’t a lighthearted moment.

Here’s an exchange:

Khaled (yelling): Did the Drake vocals come in yet?!

Nicole: No and shut the fuck up. You’re going to wake the baby up.

Khaled: Stop cursing.

Nicole: Nah, I can’t.

Khaled: Stop cursing.

Nicole: You won’t be quiet.

Even the baby is probably like, “Please lower your voice.” Just another day in the life of a woman who’s in a relationship with a very loud man. Khaled previously Snapchatted her giving birth, to the soundtrack of his own album.


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I can’t be the only person to think DJ Khaled’s wife looks a little bit like Rachel Dolezal