DJ Khaled Wrote an Adorable Thank You Note to Beyoncé

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DJ Khaled, King of Posi Vibes and Also Snapchat, was so moved by his time opening for Beyoncé during the North American portion of her “Formation” tour that he wrote her a beautiful, emoji-filled thank you note. It was, of course, posted to Instagram.


In case you can’t quite make that out, here’s a choice excerpt:

“Beyoncé I want to say thank you for allowing me to bring my energy and passion on stage every night. Thank you for allowing me to bring on all the artists who jumped on stage with me to bring the fans a special energy called Major Key Alert!!!!

“Beyoncé I want to say thank you for providing me and the millions of millions of fans across the globe your amazing talent and music and performance. You’re the queen!!!!”


He actually posted the message twice, pointing out that it’s “not everyday u get take ICONIC PICS WIT @beyonce!!!!!!!”

Thank you notes are a lost art, and some of us millennial ingrates can certainly stand to learn something from this lovely profusion of gratitude. Call your mom.

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