DJ Khaled and Friends Have Delivered a Strong Candidate for Song of the Summer

It’s that time of year again, when your favorite artists and people you vaguely recognize from the Billboard Music Awards start releasing songs that will hopefully build up enough steam by June to earn a permanent spot in your summer barbecue mix. Today, DJ Khaled has delivered. Considering he doesn’t actually sing or rap, he enlisted the talents of Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne for his new single and video, “I’m the One.”


Perhaps most exciting is the glorious but much too-brief cameo from his son Asahd, AKA the best baby, revealing that he earned an executive producer title for the video at the tender age of six months. Good job, Asahd!

Justin Bieber is giving me some Chris Brown-esque vocals without the bother and drama of Chris Brown, which is truly the most ideal way to enjoy Chris Brown. The boppy hook drives the track and verses from Quavo and Chance the Rapper are solid—they both come with just enough effort to make the song enjoyable and breezy. There’s also the Lil Wayne verse, which is exactly what you’d expect from a Lil Wayne verse in 2017, but luckily doesn’t ruin the song.

The video itself is satisfying enough if a little sloppily thought-out, which I somehow appreciate. It sort of feels like Asahd really did executive produce it. Let’s just do it at my dad’s house OK? Goo goo gaga. I’ve seen a few rap videos before and they all have beautiful, bikini-clad ladies dancing around. No need to reinvent the wheel. Oops I just pooped. Alright, everybody put on some cool clothes and just go at it. That’s it. I need to be burped.

Also, Justin Bieber is look rather cute in this video and YEAH I SAID IT. This isn’t new information coming from me. I own my truth.

I could definitely put on a pair of cutoffs, rip rosé and pass the vape to this song. Just make sure Asahd is down for his nap.

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Global Beet

My heart bleeds seeing Chance the Rapper in the company of Lil Wayne and Justin Beiber. You’re better than this, Chance.