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Divorcées Drink Alimony Cocktails, Literally

Illustration for article titled Divorcées Drink Alimony Cocktails, Literally

"Welcome to the latest in unusual NYC gatherings - Life After Divorce, an event designed to help women cope when 'I Do' turns into 'I Don't Ever Want To See You Again.'" They drink cocktails called "Alimony" and "Settlement." [NYP]


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Wow, it never would have occurred to me to try to find a man to finance my lifestyle. It would be great to have someone to lean on in times of sickness, unemployment, or other trouble, but it seems like the women in the article had not so much marriages as exchanges of sex/beauty for wealth/security. I am not surprised that such marriages don't last. It also makes me happy I never moved to NYC when I was seriously considering it.