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Distracted Driving Ads in Canada Feature a Distracting Glo-Crotch

Illustration for article titled Distracted Driving Ads in Canada Feature a Distracting Glo-Crotch

In the ongoing effort to curb the disquieting rash of texting-while-driving incidents, transportation officials in Alberta have rolled out a glossy new $380,000 radio, billboard, and online ad-campaign warning drivers not to be distracted by their luminescent nethers while merging onto the highway.


According to Donna Babchishin of Alberta Transportation, the goal of the campaign is to be as eye-catching as possible so people start ruminating about the inherent dangers of simultaneously making Facebook status updates and trying to drive. She explained,

Our goal is to get their attention, and to ultimately save lives, and the way to do that was to come up with a campaign that spoke to them and generated conversation.


The campaign is being unleashed on Alberta motorists in two parts. First come the crotch-glo billboards, followed closely by another set of ads that will make people think about just how long it takes to craft the perfect text for lying to their friends about how long it will take them to pick their way through rush-hour traffic to an agreed-upon happy hour meeting place.

Unsurprisingly, Babchishin says that the ads are geared towards a younger demographic — the highest rate of distracted driving convictions are, according to Babchishin, men ages 25 to 34. Which brings us to the most interesting phase of Alberta's distracted-driving ad campaign: talking urinal pucks. Enjoy your pee, fellas, and remember — distracted urinating may give you a damp pant leg, but distracted driving kills.

Your crotch can kill, claim Alberta ads [CBC News]

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Reminds me of one of the professors I was a TA for. Once a student asked him, "Professor, how can you always tell when somebody's texting in class?" They think they're really sneaky, putting the phone on silent and texting under the table. So the professor relied, "Because, student- that's the only explanation I have for you looking down during my lecture on starvation during World War II, and smiling at your crotch."