Disneyland Paris Blatantly Overcharging British and German Visitors

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Mickey Mouse has been playing games in Europe. A recent investigation found that Disneyland Paris has been purposely overcharging British and German visitors, presumably in an attempt to double down on that that whole “French people are rude” thing.


But European Commission’s new president Jean-Claude Juncker, according to the Guardian, isn’t allowing these kinds of shenanigans, and has launched a “crusade against national trade barriers that affect consumers.” Juncker knows the euro is in crisis and doesn’t have time for companies like Disney trying to bleed people dry when the best way forward is continued consumer spending. Not to mention—Mickey Mouse and his friends were kind of shameless.

It said that Disney was charging French consumers €1,346 euros (US$1,487/£955) for a premium package, while Britons were charged €1,870 euros and German visitors a whopping €2,447 euros.


A ride on It’s a Small World isn’t worth your rent money. Disney, along with six Hollywood studios and Britain’s Sky TV, is additionally under the microscope in a larger investigation for unfair treatment of consumers. P.L. Travers was right all along.

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