Disneyland Measles Outbreak Spreads Across Country

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Disneyland: it used to be the happiest place on earth and now it's just a fetid wasteland of contagious disease. The number of measles cases from the Disneyland outbreak almost doubled this week. At least 85 cases are now confirmed in seven states, the latest in Nebraska. Health officials in Alaska are currently monitoring another potential case in Alaska.


According to CBS:

Alaska health officials are closely monitoring 1-year-old Rivki Webb after she tested positive for measles this week. Her mother, Emily, said the family had just returned from a visit to Southern California.

Rivki had also just received the measles vaccine, which can cause similar symptoms. Dr. Monique Karaganis is her pediatrician.

"There was DNA of measles in this child, and we need to now sort out if that is connected to the outbreak in California or not," Karaganis said.


In what might sound like the most ominous warning ever, California's state epidemiologist, Dr. Gilberto Chavez, said "If you are not vaccinated, stay away from Disneyland."

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I grew up when all these diseases were rampant. Polio was still around too, but I got my first dose of vaccine in second grade. They were awful illnesses. Why any parent would want to risk their child potentially having any of them if it can be prevented, is beyond me.

All I remember is being sick.. for like fourteen years. First came chicken pox. Then a whopping case of measles. Every vomit virus that was out there I also caught. Flu up the wazoo, too. Then I took a brief hiatus during which I dabbled in repeated bouts of strep and ear infections. Then it was back into the game with some awful fucking mumps, punctuated by bouts of horrible tooth abcesses. I was one sickly little thing.