Disneyland Hotel Sued for Bed Bug Infestation

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This is a dream and nightmare rolled into one story: A woman who stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in April has filed a lawsuit that claims she was bitten repeatedly by bed bugs during her stay. The degree to which the bed bugs were anthropomorphized (did they perform turndown service or harmonize a lullaby at bed time?) has not been specified in the reporting on the lawsuit.


Ivy Eldridge’s suit that she suffered not just bites but “endured many sleepless nights and much emotional and mental distress, coupled with other physical conditions associated with severe mental and emotional distress,” according to the Los Angeles Times. TMZ has pics of her welts (bed bug bites tend to leave them if one is allergic) and some bugs. Eldridge’s attorney Brian Virag said that the Anaheim resort was sued in 2016 for bed bugs, albeit at a different hotel (Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa).

A spokesperson for Disneyland said, “We take extensive preventative measures so that our guests are comfortable and safe during their hotel stays and when needed take aggressive steps to rectify,” and that instances of bed bugs are “extremely rare.” So it’s not the buggiest place on earth, but nor is it the happiest, then, either.

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This happened in April/ May at one of the DisneyWorld resorts, as well, during the largest cheer competition. I thought that’s what this story was going to be about. I was following the facebook comments. They were throwing out mattresses and confiscating their clothes, including $90 cheer shoes.