Disney Sues Over Ripoff Of Frozen Marketing

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Oh dear, someone has their mouse ears all in a twist.

You know all those knock-off movies that come out right around the same time as a mega Hollywood hits, so they can piggy back off the name recognition? They call them "mockbusters" in the biz (that's how we show business people refer to it—"the biz.") Say you're not ready to commit just yet to the awesomeness of Pacific Rim. Well, you can opt for Atlantic Rim and see a movie that was made for 1/8000000 of the cost and hope that it is a giant piece of steaming shit (which those movies usually are). Well, turns out, Disney has finally had enough of being flattered by imitation and has filed a huge ass lawsuit over a new film released by Phase 4 (who have kind of a history of doing things like this) called Frozen Land:

Frozen Land is, in fact, the French-Canadian animated film The Legend of Sarila, that was released earlier in 2013. After being picked up for distribution by Phase 4, its name, logo, and branding was suddenly switched to Frozen Land,allegedly to capitalize on Disney's latest hit Frozen (and perhaps trick parents into buying the DVD). Considering that the actual content of the film had nothing to do with Frozen, Phase 4 could have saved itself a lot of headache had it not borrowed wholesale the Frozen name and visual design of the Disney film logo.

Illustration for article titled Disney Sues Over Ripoff Of emFrozen/em Marketing

Disney wants the court to stop them from using the lookalike logo. Check out the trailer for Frozen Land down below. The two films basically have nothing in common with each other except shit looks cold in both of them.

Oh no. If this lawsuit is successful and it prompts a crackdown of this practice, what will become of beloved movies I have begrudgingly rented from Redbox because I had literally seen all the other movies they offered up? Sunday School Musical changed my life, OK?


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