Disney Park Employee Tells Mom to Cover Up Her Big Breasts

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Melissa Behnken was recently visiting Disneyland with her husband and three children when she was approached by a park employee who allegedly insisted that she either pull her shirt up or put on a sweater because she was showing too much skin.

Behnken's outfit — which can be seen in photos taken at the park that day and was re-worn for an interview with ABC10 — consisted of a black mesh shirt pulled over a leopard print tank top. If it's at all revealing (and based on the pictures, it's not), that's only because the woman wearing it has large breasts — something that she can't be expected to help unless you expect her to duct tape her boobs down everywhere she goes as if she's Christina Ricci in Now & Then.

"This was our first family vacation," she told ABC10. "And for me, it was ruined."


Disneyland does indeed have a dress code, which includes restrictions on "clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment." Behnken's outfit, however, was hardly scandalous or not family friendly, unless, of course, you find her body shape inherently offensive — in which case, you are an idiot.

The dress code, it's worth noting, also recommends dressing for the weather. Considering that Southern California has been in the 90s recently, the expectation that Behnken cover up anymore than she already was is absolutely ridiculous.

Behnken filed a report with Disneyland's guest relations and received a call from a Disney spokesperson on Tuesday who apologized for the park employee's behavior.

"Maybe they need to do more exclusive training on what is OK to say to people that come there," she said in response.


Yep, maybe they do.

Image via ABC10.

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