Disgraceful: Apple Photoshopped This Woman to Make Her Look More Like Helen Mirren

At today’s big Apple event, the tech company unveiled plenty of new toys for its loyal consumers. Among them was a new iPad Pro - a 12.9” tablet with a beautiful screen and powerful processor.

During the live demonstration of a new product called Photoshop Fix (which runs oh-so-smoothly on the iPad Pro), Adobe’s Director of Design shocked the audience by using the software to make a woman look more like Academy Award-winning actress Helen Mirren.

The move has sparked plenty of outrage, and is an embarrassing, tone-deaf move from Apple. Not a day goes by that women in this country aren’t told by friends, family—even strangers!—that they should look more like the 70-year-old British bombshell. Women hear this often enough. They don’t need to hear it from some Silicon Valley gadget company, too.


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Dr Mrs The Monarch

As a designer I am super stoked to be able to use the new retouching tools to make people look like a smiling Helen Mirren.