Russian activists, headed by theatre director Leda Garina, demonstrate a placard saying ‘Long live the traditional values’, as they perform during a protest action against a bill decriminalizing domestic violence on January 29, 2017 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Image via Getty.

Russian columnist Yaroslav Korobatov can barely contain his excitement for all the men who are going to get to beat their wives without consequence now that Russia has partially decriminalized domestic violence.


But this is exciting news for women, too, he argues. “For years, women who have been smacked around by their husbands have found solace in the rather hypocritical proverb, ‘If he beats you, it means he loves you!,’” he wrote in Komsomolskaya Pravda, a major Russian newspaper, adding that women should be “proud of their bruises.”

Oh and ladies, there’s another silver lining to getting violently hit by a man: “However, a new scientific study is giving women with irascible husbands new grounds to be proud of their bruises, insofar as women who are beaten, biologists confirm, have a valuable advantage: they’re more likely to give birth to boys!”


It did not at all surprise me to learn that this so-called study is by crap evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanawaza, author of the racist blog post “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” In 2005 Kanawaza argued that “Violent men have more sons,” and later, in a piece titled “Why do some battered women stay?”, he concluded that women “may have been selected to tolerate a certain level of nonlethal violence in their mates.” He also believes that “If a woman—any woman—wakes up in the morning and says to herself, ‘Tonight I will get laid,’ the prediction will always come true every time.” He also wanted Ann Coulter to run for president in 2008, which is a very bad opinion.

So according to Korobatov and crackpot pseudoscience, women are factories where men create armies of future woman-beaters, and that’s actually a huge honor. I can’t believe these assholes get paid to write this stuff.