Dirt Bag: Lady Gaga Reminds Us That Adele is Plus-Size, Awesome (In Case We Forgot)

In which Lady Gaga wonders why the media weight police doesn't rip on Adele:

I thought, well I don't really care if they think I'm fat, because, quite honestly, I did gain about 30 pounds. Adele is bigger than me, how come nobody says anything about it? She's so wonderful and I think her confidence is something I have to match. She has set the bar very high for a lot of women. I need to be a confident woman and just say politically active things when I can that are helpful to young people.



Mother Monster is also "obsessed with the royal family, especially Pippa Middleton." Apparently she read Middleton's book Celebrate in the hopes of being able to learn to "party like a royal" and in order to make conversation should she ever meet Pippa. Should this happen, I would like some gifs, please. Thank you. [Monsters and Critics]

Alec Baldwin visited a bunch of displaced NYU students after Hurricane Sandy claimed their dorm rooms and delivered a Coach Taylor-esque pump-up speech. (My friend once saw him talk, and she described him as "leonine." Troofacts.) [HuffPo]

Kirstie Alley confessed to Barbra Walters that John Travolta was the love of her life, and it took "all the power [she] had" not to run away with him after they did the Look Who's Talking franchise together. But what would the talking baby think?! [Radar Online]

Here's the first blurry picture of Jessica Bielberlake and Justin Timberlake's Tanzania honeymoon. [E!]

And the Bielberlakes plan on raising their kids in Tennessee. [Zee News]

Bam Margera and Missy Rothstein's divorce has been finalized, soooo laaaaaayyydeeez. [Examiner]


Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton are finito, sooooo layyyydeeez, if you can't get Bam Margera… [Us Weekly]

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are too busy being in love to think about getting married. [Us Weekly]


Snooki is donating clothes to Sandy relief, which is totally nice and not something I should mock even though it's in my very marrow to do so. [People]

Brad Pitt's designing furniture now. [Page Six]

Mitch Lucker, lead singer of the band Suicide Silence, has died in a motorcycle accident. [LA Times]


An Irish band called The Original Rudeboys has turned down a performance slot with Chris Brown because of his 2009 domestic battery charge, should really change their name to The Rather Upstanding Musical Group. [NME]

Evan Rachel Wood reminds her curious Twitter followers that even though she's now married to Jamie Bell, she's still bisexual. [Daily Mail]


Shaun White's Halloween costume is sort of the stuff of nightmares. I warned you. [Buzzfeed]

"I'm far less appealing in real life. I really don't know what to say about it. My mother used to say, ‘You just haven't grown into your face yet.'" -Your boyfriend Chris O'Dowd feels weird about this new wave of female attention. [Monsters and Critics]


-Anna Breslaw