Director Cary Fukunaga Totally Down to Helm a Rom-Com or a Porno

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Beasts of No Nation director Cary Joji Fukunaga boasts a diverse repertoire, from the inaugural season of crime drama True Detective, to the 2011 adaptation of Jane Eyre, and now Beasts, which chronicles the experiences of child soldiers in West Africa. And don’t you think for one minute that he’s stopping there!

During an interview with Jeremy Egner at the New York Times, Fukunaga emphasized his willingness to take on any project, no matter the genre or premise. The Times reports:

“The filmmaker’s résumé is...emblematic of the increasing porousness between genres, platforms, and disciplines. While it was important to Mr. Fukunana that ‘Beasts’ be seen in theaters...his next high-profile project is back in television...There is also talk of a musical, and he balked at a reporter’s dismissive joke about romantic comedies. ‘I’d love to do a rom-com, for the record,’ he said.”


I suspect a fair number of us would like to see a Fukunaga rom-com — and hey, why not a porno, too? After all, Fukunaga wouldn’t hesitate to get nasty—another thing we might enjoy amirite—if the project seemed intriguing. He explains to Egner, “I don’t think I can tell you one thing I’d completely write off, not even porn, if there was an angle...If the thing interests me and the process sounds fun, I want to do it.”

That motto seems to be working thus far. And I, for one, will be forever indebted for his gorgeous adaptation of Jane Eyre, which made my Victorian literature-loving heart swell with bliss. I leave you with one of the film’s very best scenes.

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The 2011 Jane Eyre was horrible. There I said it. He cut scenes from the book and inserted new ones that was totally unnecessary. It’s fine to cut (although it totally isn’t Jane Eyre is flawless) but to add crap? No mas. It was gorgeous but crap. A lovely turd with a pretty cast.